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71001 Vollrath Full Size Warmer

The Vollrath® full-size Cayenne countertop food warmer offers the lowest operating costs on the market. This countertop model features a direct-contact heating system, for improved performance and efficiency, and a dome heating element that uses up to 25 percent less energy by concentrating the energy into the well itself. The capillary tube thermostat supplies power only when it is needed, saving energy and reducing operational costs, and the heating element is cast in the unit for greater energy transfer. Recessed controls prevent accidental adjustments. A low-water indicator light keeps you informed, while a bottom-exit 6-foot power cord provides flexibility in countertop placement. Cayenne® Model 1001 Warmers are designed to attractively display and maintain the serving temperature of your prepared foods with less energy than a traditional warmer.
  • Features Vollrath’s Direct Contact Heating System in which the heating element is in direct contact with the water for the most efficient heat transfer possible
  • Cast-in non-stick aluminum dome heating element uses up to 25% less energy and reduces scale build-up for easy cleaning and longer operating life
  • Thermoset fiber-reinforced self-insulating resin well provides maximum energy efficiency, prevents scale build-up and is easy to clean
  • Increased water capacity reduces labor costs and improves food quality by maintaining maximum moist heat
  • Recessed controls reduce accidental changes in temperature settings
  • Low-water indicator light eliminates guesswork
  • Capillary tube thermostat control supplies constant temperature and power only when needed for maximum power efficiency
  • Wide dripless lip catches and drains moisture back into the well and creates more uniform fit with food pans and insets
  • Stainless steel exterior meets UL surface temperature standards for operator and customer safety and concentrates heat inside the well, not to the outside surface and rim
  • Meets NSF4 Performance Standards for hot food holding equipment
  • Non-skid feet help keep unit from sliding on countertop
  • Bottom exit 6 ft. (183 cm) power cord adapts to receptacle location for safe installation and allows for 360˚ control placement