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Vacuum Package Machine

40831 Vollrath Vacuum Package Machine 

Reduce waste and extend the shelf life of your food with the Vollrath® medium in-chamber vacuum-pack machine. This unit has a smooth, stainless steel exterior and a transparent, soft-open lid for ease of use. The customizable front panel controls allow you to set the desired vacuum time. The strong sealing cylinders create a tight seal, while the seal bar accommodates multiple bags up to 12 inches. The seal bar is also easy to remove and clean, while the pump-conditioning program removes unwanted moisture and debris. Both of these features extend the life of the unit and ensure high-quality vacuum sealing. Vollrath’s vacuum pack machines extend the life of fresh and frozen foods and are ideal for vacuum packing for sous vide cooking. The Vollrath Vacuum Pack Machine with 12" Sealing Bar provides highquality vacuum packing in a small footprint tabletop machine. The easy to use control panel enables users to set the vacuum time and seal time. Packing cycle begins when the lid is closed and ends when the lid automatically opens. Note, this machine is not designed for continuous use. Allow a 15 second rest between packing cycles for best performance. Intended for a maximum use of five hours per day.
  • Busch rotary vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Deep drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber with round corners
  • Transparent, soft-open lid for monitoring functions
  • Double seals for extra secure bags
  • Accommodates bags up to 12" (30.5 cm) wide
  • Sealing bar easily removes without tools for cleaning and maintenance
  • Includes two insert plates for packing small products
  • Maximum vacuum is 99.3% (3 m bar)
  • Set vacuum by sensor control (% pressure)
  • Vacuum Plus enables air trapped withing the food to escape
  • User definable sealing time, up to 6 seconds
  • Slow chamber decompression enables the bag to gently form to the product
  • Pump Conditioning program removes moisture and debris from pump
  • Two sealing cylinders provide optimal pressure to create high-quality seals
  • Pump conditioning and oil change maintenance reminders
  • Includes maintenance kit with oil, lid gasket, silicone bar, Teflon® tape and sealing wire
  • 6 ft. (182. 9 cm) cord with plug