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Manual Griddle 24"

VCRG24-M Vulcan Griddle

Our 24-inch manual countertop gas griddle is good at lowering operating costs without sacrificing production. But why manual? Some dishes require more personal attention than a set-it-and-forget-it thermostat provides. Grill your specialty chicken low and slow until almost done and then raise the heat to crisp the skin and finish with a flourish!
  • 1" thick polished steel griddle plate welded to 31⁄4" stainless steel back, tapered side splashes and stainless steel grease trough
  • Fully welded stainless and aluminized steel chassis frame
  • 12 1⁄2" cooking height on 4" adjustable legs
  • One 25,000 BTU/hr. “U” shaped aluminized steel burner for every 12" of griddle width
  • One infinite heat control valve per burner
  • Standing pilot ignition system
  • High capacity 4 1⁄2 quart capacity grease can
  • 3⁄4" rear gas connection and convertible gas pressure regulator for LP service
  • Constructed standard for natural gas service. LP conversion kit supplied with unit
  • One year limited parts and labor warranty

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