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Vacuum Package Machines

350 Berkel Vacuum Package Machine One 19" Seal Bar
350D Berkel Vacuum Package Machine Two 19" Seal Bars 

Berkel Models 350 and 350D are reliable tabletop vacuum package machines designed to meet most mid- to high volume foodservice portion control, product storage and food retail needs. The units offer a spacious stainless steel chamber, powerful, high quality pump and single 19" (double on 350D) seal bar providing a high integrity double seal with electric cut-off. Both models offer an anaerobic gas flush to maintain product color in the vacuum package, extend shelf life and/or to provide a pillow-pack seal to protect the product. The units are simple to operate and maintain.
  • Tabletop models with a stainless steel housing and single 20" (508 mm) x 18" (457 mm) x 6.8" (172 mm) chamber
  • Model 350 includes a single 19" (485 mm) seal bar; Model 350D includes two 19" (485 mm) seal bars; provide high integrity double sealing with electric cut-off
  • Powerful, high quality 21 m3/h Busch pump and vacuum dial guage
  • 1-speed, 11⁄4 H.P. motor, totally enclosed, permanently lubricated ball bearings, thermally protected
  • Model 350 furnished in 115/60/1, 14.2 amp, AC, ETL listed; Model 350D furnished in 115/60/1, 20.0 amp, AC, ETL listed
  • Variable vacuum setting with new vacuum sensor
  • Gas flush for the addition of an anaerobic gas mixture and/or pillow-pack seal
  • Vacuum cycle of 25-35 seconds
  • Simple to operate electronic, touch pad controls with up to 30 storable programs
  • Attached 6-foot, flexible, 3-wire cord and plug for grounded receptacle