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Soup Baskets

BA-50-338 8 X 10 CM
BA-50-340 10 X 10 CM
BA-50-342 12 X 14 CM
BA-50-344 14 X 15 CM
BA-50-346 16 X 16 CM
BA-50-348 18 X 18 CM
BA-50-350 20 X 20 CM
BA-50-357 7 X 7"
BA-50-359 9 X 9"
  • Extra fine mesh holes are designed to hold tealeaves, particles or grounds intact while allowing the flavor to drift out
  • The attached chain allows you to hang the tea balls from a teapot, tea cup, coffee mug, panhandle or stockpot
  • Strainer seasoning infuser fine mesh, more easily to separate the solid matter from the liquid
  • Can effectively prevent inconvenience caused by floating suspended solids

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