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Robot Coupe

Power Mixer

MP450 Robot Coupe Power Mixer

Ideal for blending soups and puréeing fruit and vegetables. Special institutional catering model intended for intensive use.
  • Power 720 W / 1.1 HP
  • Stainless steel motor unit with air vents in the top section to ensure watertightness
  • Ridge on motor housing serves as a rest and pivot on the pan rim for greater user comfort
  • Speed 12000 rpm
  • Cord winding system for tidy storage and optimum lifespan
  • Shaft and bell: 100% stainless steel blades, bell and shaft
  • Foot with detachable bell and blades for optimum sanitation
  • Watertight bell design for optimum lifespan
  • Wall mounted power mixer holder
  • Tool for attaching & detaching the blades