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Mixing Bowls

W46-MXB-75Q 0.75 Qt
W46-MXB-150Q 1.5 Qt
W46-MXB-300Q 3 Qt
W46-MXB-400Q 4 Qt
W46-MXB-500Q 5 Qt
W46-MXB-800Q 8 Qt
W46-MXB-1300Q 13 Qt
W46-MXB-1600Q 16 Qt
W46-MXB-2000Q 20 Qt
W46-MXB-3000Q 30 Qt 
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Ideal for everyday use in your commercial kitchen
  • Lip around the edge of the bowl allows for easy handling
  • Ideal for whisking batter, tossing salads, and mixing ingredients

Tags: Bowl, Mixing-bowl