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Merchandiser Freezer 27"

GDM-23F True Merchandiser Freezer
  • The world’s #1 manufacturer of glass door merchandisers
  • Designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with an attractive, point of purchase merchandiser that brilliantly displays frozen food and ice cream, resulting in high impulse sales
  • Factory engineered, self-contained, capillary tube system using environmentally friendly R290 hydro carbon refrigerant that has zero (0) ozone depletion potential (ODP), & three (3) global warming potential (GWP)
  • High capacity, factory balanced, refrigeration system holds -10°F (-23.3°C). Ideal for ice cream and frozen food products
  • Exterior - non-peel or chip black powder coated cold rolled steel; durable and permanent
  • Interior - attractive, NSF approved, white aluminum interior liner with stainless steel floor
  • Self closing door. Positive seal, torsion type closure system
  • Triple pane thermal glass door assembly with extruded aluminum frame
  • LED interior lighting provides more even lighting throughout the cabinet. Safety shielded
  • Electronic monitoring system deploys lock if temperatures exceed 0°F (-18°C) longer than 30 minutes
  • Battery backup power supply ensures the lock will continue to function even if the unit loses power
  • Auditory alarm sounds, along with a visual signal display when lock is triggered to inform staff

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