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Slicer 10"

C10 Globe Compact Manual Slicer

The Chefmate brand of C-Series manual slicers are an excellent and economical alternative for operations with limited slicing requirements, kitchen space and/or budget. These slicers are ideal for slicing meat and produce only. For operations that slice two hours or less per day, the economy line of slicers is a great choice and value.
  • 10" hard chromed special alloy hollow ground knife, longer lasting and easier to sharpen
  • 0 to 9/16" slice thickness
  • 1/4 HP fan-cooled knife motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings, overload protection and manual reset
  • Oversized positive traction grooved belt drive
  • Smooth stainless steel ball bearing chute slide for ease of operation
  • Stain resistant and easy-to-clean anodized aluminum finish
  • Ergonomic dual purpose handle
  • Lightweight and compact Italian space-saving design
  • Easy to access top mounted, removable all metal knife sharpener — dual action with two stones for a razor sharp cutting edge!
  • Food chute, slice deflector and knife cover are removable and easy-to-clean
  • Metal bottom enclosure
  • Moisture proof, easy-to-clean ON/OFF switch and knife hub
  • Sealed splash zones for added sanitation and protection of electronics
  • Angled gravity feed chute
  • Power indicator light
  • Non-slip rubber feet