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iCombi Pro Ovens

ICP-6-HALF-E 6 Half Pans Electric
ICP-6-HALF-NG 6 Half Pans Natural Gas
ICP-6-FULL-E 6 Full Pans Electric
ICP-6-FULL-NG 6 Full Pans Natural Gas
ICP-10-HALF-E 10 Half Pans Electric
ICP-10-HALF-NG 10 Half Pans Natural Gas
ICP-10-FULL-E 10 Full Pans Electric
ICP-10-FULL-NG 10 Full Pans Natural Gas
ICP-20-HALF-E 20 Half Pans Electric
ICP-20-HALF-NG 20 Half Pans Natural Gas
ICP-20-FULL-E 20 Full Pans Electric
ICP-20-FULL-NG 20 Full Pans  Natural Gas


  • Efficiency re-imagined: Forget space-hogging appliances. Let the iCombi Pro handle all of that. Within less than 11 square feet of space. Meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, baked goods. À-la-carte, catering, delivery service, casual dining. Together, the intelligent assistants can really get a lot done. iDensityControl’s high-performance air circulation and dehumidification offers around 50% greater productivity and reduces cooking times by about 10%.* And delivers uniform results from one end of the tray to the other. Meanwhile, the intuitive control concept provides ideal user support and minimizes errors, so production keeps going and going and going.


  • You have a goal. Pursue it relentlessly with the iCombi Pro’s cooking intelligence. Example: sometimes you need five steaks ready at once; other times, it’s a hundred. Either way, they all need to be the same quality. The iCombi Pro does it by continuously comparing the status of the products with the intended targets, calculating cooking progress and intelligently adjusting the temperature. Maybe your dinner guests have arrived early, and your grilled vegetables aren’t done yet? Just switch from single loads to mixed loads. The iCombi Pro will regulate its cooking parameters so that you can cook both at the same time. What if you change your mind about the results you want? No problem. Open up the cooking process and change the goal. The iCombi Pro will optimize temperatures and times accordingly. The results will speak for themselves. And you can repeat them perfectly every time, no matter who’s operating the cooking system.


  • Life in the kitchen: a stressful, hectic rush to finish everything on time and at the same time. Whether you're using software or a pen and paper, it’s a logistical challenge. Well, it was. Because now the iCombi Pro can handle all of that with iProductionManager. Just add dishes onto the display and it will show you which of them can be cooked together. After that, all you have to do is specify whether you want to maximize speed or energy efficiency. The system monitors each tray separately, adjusting cooking times intelligently to the quantities and the results you want. You decide whether you want everything ready at once, or whether you’d prefer to start cooking everything at the same time. Either way, the iCombi Pro will tell you when to put each dish into the cooking cabinet - and voilà: Your food’s ready.


  • Grilling a lot of food leaves a lot of stubborn residue, which keeps you from using the iCombi Pro to prepare other dishes. Or it would, if not for the iCareSystem. The ultra-fast interim cleaning feature gets everything ship-shape in 12 minutes or less, so you can move right on to the broccoli without worrying about unpleasant smells or flavour transfer. And at the end of the day, when you’re ready to do a full clean, the iCombi Pro will tell you whether it's slightly, moderately, or significantly dirty. You decide whether to clean in standard or eco mode. With Descaling. Overnight. With 50%* less chemicals. Phosphate free and always super clean The iCombi Pro will remember your preferences and display a corresponding program the next time around.