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Heat Strips

72672019 18"
72675019 24"
72681019 36" 

The Cayenne® Heat Strip is intended to be used as a heat source to help maintain food at safe temperatures until served.
  • Structurally engineered aluminum heater housing offers maximum strength with minimal weight
  • Recessed dovetail channel allows for installation of decorative trim
  • Optional Kool-Touch® thermoplastic trim drastically reduces fascia temperature for safer operation
  • Reflector generates maximum performance for wider heat dispersion and offers larger temperature zone above 140°F (60° C) for safe food holding
  • Anodized bright aluminum heat reflector generates more even heat over food display area
  • Reflector/heater assembly is field adjustable allowing operator to direct heat pattern for optimum overhead heat
  • Sheathed element for dependability and longer life
  • Unique element design offers greater heat dispersion for more effective warming
  • Two screws allow quick service access to element
  • Provided with onboard toggle switch controls
  • One year parts and labor warranty. Additional one year warranty on heating element (parts only)
  • 6-ft. (182.8 cm) cord and plug