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Steam Kettle Gas 40 Gal

K40GL 40 Gallon True Working Capacity 

Need 40 gallons of kettle capacity? Would a bit more be even better? Our 40-gallon gas-powered, floor-mounted kettle is designed to hold 50% more capacity than other brands and keep on serving up the same delicious food for years to come! So, make the rush a little calmer, right? With the right equipment, no matter how many orders for impeccably stewed potatoes and corn are placed, you can be totally ready.
  • Gas self-contained, stainless steel, 2⁄3 jacketed floor mounted stationary steam kettle
  • Ellipsoidal bottom kettle liner formed and fully welded standard type 316 and type 304 stainless steel exterior
  • Heavy bar rim (1⁄4 x 5⁄8 inch 20 gallons) (3⁄8 x 1 inch 40 gallons and greater)
  • Embossed gallon/liter markings
  • Faucet bracket
  • 50 psi (3.4 kg/cm2) steam jacket rating
  • Spring assist hinged stainless steel cover with condensate ring and drop down lift handle with heavy duty pivot assembly that includes a yolk style mount with tie bar
  • Two inch compression tangent draw-off valve with perforated strainer
  • Tubular stainless steel legs with flanged feet
  • Stainless steel enclosure for “water resistant” controls
  • Controls include a power switch, power “on” light, solid state temperature control, vacuum/pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, low water light and low water shut-off
  • Elevation from sea level to 8,999 feet standard, for higher elevation consult factory
  • One year limited parts and labor warranty

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