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GRFF Hatco Portable Foodwarmer

The GRFF Glo-Ray® Portable Foodwarmer from Hatco safely holds foods at preferred serving temperatures for extended periods of time while maintaining product quality by using pre-focused heat patterns that guarantee precise temperature control. Includes a metal sheathed infrared heating element that radiates heat from above. Features a specially designed stand to keep food pans off the work area and to allow easy access from three sides.
  • Available with heat above the food, below the food, or both
  • GR-B has a preset automatic thermostat to maintain proper base temperatures
  • GRFF has a stand to keep food holding pans off the work area and allows easy access from three sides
  • GRFFL models include two shatter resistant incandescent lights
  • GRFFB's base conducts heat from the bottom while infrared elements heat from above
  • GRFFB has a clearance of 12", 14", or 16" (305, 356, or 406 mm) between heated base and upper housing
  • Hatco can custom design portable foodwarmers to meet customer specifications or to fit an unusual situation
  • Factory pre-wired with a 6’ (1829 mm) cord and plug