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Infrared Thermometer

ZC35-FS Infrared Thermometer

The Raytek® MiniTemp™ FoodSafety (MTFS) model noncontact infrared thermometer is calibrated to assure the greatest accuracy in the food critical zone of 0 to 60°C where harmful bacteria grow most rapidly. Remove the hazard of cross-contamination and reduce the time a traditional probe requires. Quick, simple scans with the Raytek MiniTemp FS save time and money by instantly finding potential problems. An integral part of the HACCP routines of food service professionals everywhere, the Raytek MiniTemp FS measures temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Fastest way to measure critical food temperatures
  • Laser sighting for accurate aiming
  • Ideal for daily HACCP routine
  • Engineered specifically for use in food safety applications
  • Backlit LCD display