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Food Processor

CK-35V Sammic Combi Food Processor
  • Maximum efficiency: maintain the torque throughout the speed range
  • Improved air/water-tightness since no ventilation is required
  • High precision settings and comprehensive cutter and disc design aimed at obtaining a perfect cut
  • Exclusive "Force Control System" to optimise and standardise the cutting of each product: acoustic warning when the motor exceeds the pre-established force
  • Possibility of programming by time and pulse button
  • Reverse function, ideal for mixing products instead of cutting
  • 5.5 lt stainless steel bowl
  • Ergonomic design: product sliced in one single movement
  • Advanced control panel that is very intuitive to use and offers all the information at a glance
  • Plunger, lid and bowl easy to remove for changing or cleaning
  • Combination of security systems: head, covers, bowl, power switch
  • Appliance certified by NSF International (regulations on hygiene, cleaning and materials suitable for contact with foods)