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CCK Kou-Kong Knives 陳枝記九江刀

CH-60-251 KF1401 Kou-Kong Knife #1
CH-60-252 KF1402 Kou-Kong Knife #2 

Started in the 1920s, Chan Chi Kee (better known as CCK) specialized in Chinese cleavers and other Chinese chef's knives. They've become recognized the world over for their high-quality cleavers, and are an essential part of many knife collector's kit. With decades of history and expertise, this Hong Kong-based maker is the go-to brand to trust for Chinese-style kitchen knives.
  • Made of carbon steel
  • Wooden Handle
  • Requires extra care to keep from rusting
  • Keep it clean and dry between uses
  • Thinner at the front and thicker at the back, so you could chop chicken/fish bones