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Bamboo Steamer Covers

ST-32-205 5"
ST-32-206 6"
ST-32-207 6.5"
ST-32-208 8"
ST-32-210 10"
ST-32-212 12"
ST-32-214 14.5"
ST-32-216 16"
ST-32-218 18"
ST-32-221 20.5" 
  • Covers for bamboo steamers
  • The natural bamboo steamer is hand-made from tightly woven bamboo strips, fixed with bamboo nails and free of metal or plastic
  • The tight lid captures steam and can be cooked quickly and efficiently while Healthy cooking: Used to cook vegetables, meat and fish or to heat food, ideal for steaming snacks, dumplings, vegetables, rice, beef, chicken, fish, etc.
  • Rinse the bamboo steamer and lid with cold water before using for the first time. After each use, if necessary, wash the steamer with hot water and a brush