Gas Line

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  • DORMONT: Gas Line

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    The Blue Hose™ moveable grade gas connector is composed of a 301 stainless steel corrugated tube covered with a tight weave stainless steel braid. The outside hose coating is an antimicrobial PVC coating that inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on the connector. Rotational technology fittings on both ends of the connector rotate 360 degrees, greatly reducing stress at both connector ends.
  • T&S: Gas Line

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    The T&S HG-SD-48 Safe-T-Link gas connector hose is 3/4" in diameter and 48" long. It is constructed of stainless steel braid with an extruded coating and is equipped with a brass swivel coupling on each end. This gas hose is for use only with equipment that is on legs and stationary. It is not for use with equipment that is on casters.