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Food Pan Covers

T27-PLPA7000C Full-Size Solid
T27-PLPA7120C 1/2-Size Solid
T27-PLPA7130C 1/3-Size Solid
T27-PLPA7140C 1/4-Size Solid
T27-PLPA7160C 1/6-Size Solid
T27-PLPA7190C 1/9-Size Solid
T27-PLPA7000CS Full-Size Slotted
T27-PLPA7120CS 1/2-Size Slotted
T27-PLPA7130CS 1/3-Size Slotted
T27-PLPA7140CS 1/4-Size Slotted
T27-PLPA7160CS 1/6-Size Slotted
  • Deep molded handle provides secure grip
  • Solid¬†& slotted
  • Available for all food pan sizes