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Continuous-Feed Food Processor

FP100 Food Processor

A mountain of vegetables doesn't have to mean a mountain of prep time! Hobart’s heavy-duty food processor’s large-size feed hoppers virtually eliminate pre-cutting and enable the processing of a wide variety of produce. Long vegetables like celery, cucumber and carrots feed easily into the chute and come out perfect every time! The unique de-coring screw, available on select vegetable processor models, deflects food away from the plate hub for more complete processing. Designed with a planetary drive, this continuous-feed food processor enables you to power through heavy loads without a required "rest time" between jobs.
  • Red OFF, Green ON Button
  • Compact Design
  • Angled Front
  • Planetary Drive
  • Large Half Size Feed Hopper
  • All Aluminum Hopper and Housing
  • Interlock Switch
  • Plate Speed of 420 RPMs